Big Data Analytics is a Survival Tool for Many Organizations

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Today’s businesses look at technology to improve their performance. New developments in information technology infrastructures have made available new analytical tools to more and more enterprises. One of them, big data analytics, has turned into a must have capability for any modern business in order to thrive and grow.

Attracting customers and remaining competitive are goals of any business. Having the right information to do it is key. Tools and services are here to collect and analyze the increasing volumes of data that are created from daily business transactions and customer interactions. The Internet has enabled many businesses to have a global reach and to attract more customers who leave a richer variety of data coming at higher speeds than ever before. Smart organizations make use of big data analysis to extract the information that leads to insights that decision makers can use.

What is Big Data and why it’s important

The distinguishing factors of Big Data are high volume, high velocity, and high variety, coming from what people have done or said they will do. Data comes from all areas of an enterprise and in the past, most of it was ignored. It’s the capacity for dealing with those vast quantities of …

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