The Ascent of Blockchain-Based Trading Platforms

Recently, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, and Norway based Statoil in conjunction with ABN Amro, Societe Generale, and ING, announced that they had started developing an energy trading platform based on [ … ]

What Are The Potential Dangers Of Quantum Computing?

The development of quantum computers may create serious cyber-security threats. The NSA has recently released statements expressing their concern over the potential of quantum computing to foil the cryptography protecting [ … ]

3 Ways CRM How Real-time Data Can Improve Your Business

Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are an important modern business asset. The software automates many internal operations from lead generation to sales tracking and client management. CRM application integrates data [ … ]

Semi-Autonomous Cars: Worries and Fears Driving Tesla-S and Similar Cars

Science-fiction movies love to show off cars that drive themselves. In the original Total Recall, self-driving cars were even used to squeeze a little humor into the action film. For [ … ]

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