SEC Report on Tokens as Securities: Seven Takeaways

One of the more interesting phenomena in early-stage investing is the recent emergence of initial coin offerings (“ICOs”), token generation events (“TGEs”), or similar distributed ledger or blockchain-enabled means for [ … ]

Getting up to speed on blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies and ICOs

Much has been written recently on blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICO). Unfortunately, for non-computer scientists (like me), trying to understand these concepts and their potential implications [ … ]

Current trends on deal multiples (Q1 2017)

Our private company clients often ask what kind of revenue or EBITDA multiple ranges they can expect upon a sale or when determining their enterprise value in connection with a [ … ]

The dilutive impact of VC funding on founder ownership

Below are three charts compliments of J.Thelander Consulting and PitchBook that illustrate the dilutive impact over time of venture funding on founder ownership levels. These charts are the result of J.Thelander [ … ]

The Trump Tax Reform Plan – Key Points

Article prepared by and republished courtesy of our colleagues Evan Migdail and Steven Phillips; originally published here: https://www.dlapiper.com/en/us/insights/publications/2016/11/the-trump-tax-reform-plan/.  As a result of the elections, the chances for the enactment of [ … ]

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