Challenges Created by Data Pipeline Development Errors

Over the past few years, I have repeatedly written about the endless benefits of big data. However, I don’t write enough about the problems that transpire when big data projects [ … ]

6 Risks with Using Predictive Analytics for Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimisation is very important, but it is also a very imprecise science. The biggest challenge is that customer behaviour is constantly evolving. The practices that customers responded to [ … ]

Problems With Structural Bias With Big Data Automation Models

Automation is not a fad. It is the future of business models in almost every industry. Unfortunately, automation has introduced new risks that brands must prepare for. One of the [ … ]

Big Data Evolves to Unprecedented Changes of 5G

Within the next three years, 5G will be the new standard for mobile content delivery. Industry experts have spent the last year discussing the benefits 5G will provide. However, less [ … ]

Three TedTalk Experts Show Big Data is Far From Perfect

Big data is changing the way we live, think and work. Almost nobody disputes this. Some of the world’s largest brands depend on big data, such as Google, which processes [ … ]

Do We Need to Sacrifice Our Privacy for Big Data?

I was talking to a programmer friend the other day. He helps develop actuarial algorithms for insurance companies. He is constantly pointing out that his algorithms are beneficial to insurance [ … ]

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