Despite the plethora of good books on topics like Data Visualisation, very few cover how to deliver Guerrilla Analytics. By that, I mean beyond the theoretical ideals of Data Science textbooks. Beyond just the coding challenges of how to use R or Python to encode a question. Books that engage with real-world challenges for analysts. So, I am delighted toRead More →

Continuing our theme of tools for analytics teams, what tools should analysts have in their toolbox? It’s a broad question and one with diverging views. So, I am delighted to welcome back a guest blogger who doesn’t shy away from controversy. Martin Squires is a very experienced Analytics leader, whom I’ve previously interviewed in our audio series. He hasRead More →

I recently discovered a LinkedIn debate over whether or not non-data scientists could lead data science teams. The debate was polarised between those arguing for technical knowledge & those who focussed on leadership skills. As well as being fascinating and relevant, I was glad to see one voice arguing for leadership. Andy Sutton is Head of Data &Read More →

Building on our month focussed on controversial topics, let’s turn to what will set your team up for success. Different contexts can require different types of the analytics team. A lot of the advice that I offer within the Opinion section of this blog is based on a lifetime leading teams in large corporates.Read More →