Are You Ready to Have a Robot as Your Boss?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robots have slowly but steadily made their way into a variety of industries spanning fast food to the financial sectors. This expansion is projected to continue [ … ]

Why Artificial Intelligence Will Be Fundamentally Different from Human Intelligence

Last week, Dubai announced a minister of Artificial Intelligence. The 27-year-old Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama is the UAE’s first State Minister of AI. A remarkable move by UAE Vice-President [ … ]

How Augmented Reality Will Affect Marketing Campaigns

Often, I write about emerging technologies such as big data, blockchain, IoT and AI. However, other technologies are also increasingly affecting organizations, one of them being Augmented Reality (AR). Thanks [ … ]

How AI Will Affect the Travel Industry

Since I have a passion for travelling as well as the hospitality industry (having a bachelor in hospitality management), and I believe in the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), for [ … ]

How Blockchain Will Bring Back Data Ownership to Consumers

Blockchain is set to change data ownership. It will help restore data control to the user by empowering them to determine who has access to their information online. It is [ … ]

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