Organisations adopting blockchain technologies can be viewed as Human-Machine Networks (HMNs), where combinations of humans and machines interact with each other. The more an organisation moves towards a ‘Decentralised Autonomous Organisation’ (DAO) design, the more efficient and autonomous it will become. Ultimately, organisations can operate completely independently using a distributedRead More →

The organisation of tomorrow will be built around data. This will require smart algorithms to make sense of all that data. AI will enable organisations to leverage data and embed smartness in every process and customer touchpoint. When you put smartness to work, it will empower your employees and customersRead More →

This week, the University of California announced that they cancelled the Elsevier subscription for academic journals. Elsevier refused to lower their fees and make UC articles open access available. This is a significant move as the University of California is one of the biggest producers of academic articles – withRead More →

Science’s primary activity is discovery. It aims to explain how the world works and we can use that knowledge to change our world. To do so, over the centuries, the scientific method was developed, and it has proven its value. It helps us answer practical, but often important, questions. AnsweringRead More →

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming more advanced. One of the organisations working on AI is OpenAI; the not-for-profit artificial intelligence research organisation co-founded by Elon Musk. Last week, they produced a paper demonstrating the progress they have made on predictive text software. The AI that they developed, called GPT2, isRead More →