How to Prepare for a Cyber Attack During a Public Health Crisis

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry has gone digital. Medical records are stored in computers instead of filing cabinets, medical devices can be monitored from miles away, and even [ … ]

Ethical Concerns for AI and Big Data

AI and Big Data have both been boons to the corporations that use them. They make it simpler for data analysts to understand the interests of the demographics being addressed, [ … ]

How AI Continues to Open Opportunities Within the Healthcare Industry

The growth of artificial intelligence technology opens doors to unlimited possibilities in all sorts of industries. From self-driving cars to chatbots, AI is changing how companies innovate, customers interact, and [ … ]

The Amazing Disruption in Business Intelligence

The world of business intelligence used to be rather basic and only included things like basic surveys and employee evaluations. However, the space has gotten a major makeover in recent [ … ]

Big Data Continues Serving Patients in Increasingly More Ways

From marketing to healthcare, across all industries, big data has become the next disruptive technology. The healthcare industry specifically is consistently a late technology adopter, however, it is starting to [ … ]

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