3 Ways to Improve Privacy before the End of the Year

Privacy is about more than a yearly compliance audit; it can actually drive organizational efficiency and engagement. We offer some simple ways to improve privacy before the end of the [ … ]

Interview with Waël Hassan: Why Security and Privacy Must Work Together

Dr. Waël Hassan, chief editor of Transigram, is the founder of Ki Design, a consulting group specialized in big data solutions, privacy in design, cyber security, and privacy compliance. As [ … ]

Can I Google Job Candidates? Privacy and Social Media Background Checks

The first in an ongoing series examining the nuts and bolts of privacy compliance. Here we examine the potential privacy issues with employee background checks, and how to mitigate them. [ … ]

Big Data Strategies for Fighting Breaches

Database security and data access do not need to be competing priorities. Big data strategies can help fight data theft, enhance analytics, and make it easier to share anonymized or [ … ]

Big data analytics in healthcare: A potential starting point

Big data solutions are under consideration in healthcare as a means to increase the power of analytics related to health research, healthcare quality assurance, and patient care. Implementing big data [ … ]

Canadian Mobile Health Initiatives: Lessons Learned

Recent Canadian initiatives suggest that mobile health applications can help integrate healthcare into individuals’ daily lives, by enabling remote communication between healthcare providers and patients. These first initiatives have revealed [ … ]

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