Can Data End the Climate Change Debate Once and For All?

Fear of climate change and the resulting sustainability movement effect every sector of business and education. Either climate change is the defining crisis of our time and we need to use [ … ]

Can AI Fight Fake Content?

Fake content is a big problem. It’s not just fake news — it’s fake websites, social media profiles, and ads. There are plenty of uses for this stuff, ranging from [ … ]

Will Blockchain and Smart Tech Disrupt the Energy Market?

Energy is power. That doesn’t sound like a very controversial statement, but if Solar Bankers gains momentum through its revolutionary use of blockchain, solar energy could disrupt the current infrastructure. [ … ]

How Network Data Science Can Help Solve Global Inequality

The debate over global economic inequality — including income inequality — is a data-based debate. Economists such as Branko Milanovic and Christoph Lakner argue the data shows things are getting [ … ]

The Changing Face of Social Media Marketing through Big Data

Big data and analytics are an integral part of social media marketing. Ever since millions of people started using networks, it became apparent to marketers that data is a valuable [ … ]

How Big Data Plays a Big Role in Politics

Like it or not, politics today would not be what it is without big data and analytics. Our current president won the office through a close relationship with Cambridge Analytica, [ … ]

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