More on Big Data Privacy & Cyber Security

If you’re enjoying the content in KIDesign Magazine, and want to know more about big data or cyber security, original, in-depth articles can be found on https://waelhassan.com/. We discuss a variety [ … ]

Privacy Amendment (NOTIFIABLE DATA BREACHES) Bill 2016

This Bill amends the Privacy Act 1988 ( the Privacy Act ) to introduce mandatory data breach notification provisions for agencies, organisations and certain other entities that are regulated by [ … ]

IAPP publishes the Privacy Governance Report

Source: IAPP For those of us long in the thick of it, privacy can sometimes seem age-old. Privacy & Freedom, Alan Westin’s seminal text on digital privacy, will celebrate its [ … ]

Can Big Data be wrong – An election post mortem

Well that’s a good question, everyone is asking today what happened with the elections. Thinking that all that we knew and heard from media outlets was wrong. Big Data is subject to [ … ]

How should individual participant data (IPD) from publicly funded clinical trials be shared?

Click to download the paper on sharing participant data and the importance od de-identification from how should data be shared. Abstract Background: Individual participant data (IPD) from completed clinical trials [ … ]

11 points for American Health IT hoping to extend HIPAA compliance to Canada

What is HIPAA equivalent in Canada?   US-based health IT companies seeking to expand their operations north of the border must determine how American health privacy requirements translate in Canadian [ … ]

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