Who are You and What Can You Get From Social Media Analytic

If you have read anything in the news lately, you’ll realize that just because everyone is constantly using social media, doesn’t mean that they are doing it well (remember when [ … ]

The KI Social Is for Everyone and Anyone

If you are using social media for business or personal branding (which, if you read any of our articles, you will know that you should be), you simply can’t ignore [ … ]

What is the KI SOCIAL?

KI-SOCIAL is a web-accessible platform that is powered by patented technology and an in-house data library; our platform helps hundreds of brands and agencies answer critical business questions through the insights [ … ]


More on Big Data Privacy & Cyber Security

If you’re enjoying the content in KIDesign Magazine, and want to know more about big data or cyber security, original, in-depth articles can be found on https://waelhassan.com/. We discuss a variety [ … ]

Privacy Amendment (NOTIFIABLE DATA BREACHES) Bill 2016

This Bill amends the Privacy Act 1988 ( the Privacy Act ) to introduce mandatory data breach notification provisions for agencies, organisations and certain other entities that are regulated by [ … ]

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