Attention Entrepreneurs: Why You Need To Start Managing Your Data Now

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Data is the foundation for every move you make. It drives your decisions and the way you interact with customers during the sales process. Collecting accurate data is vital, and there are there are serious consequences when the data you collect is inaccurate or incomplete.

Imagine this scenario

You’ve set your marketing team up with a brilliant CRM to capture leads and track their every move. You know the importance of collecting data, and you didn’t spare a dime when it came to buying the best CRM software out there.

The sales rep told you their software is capable of tracking your contacts’ behaviour in-depth. You can segment them based on the links they click (or don’t click), the videos they watch, the forms they fill out; you can even track them across the internet. Of course, you signed up.

Fast forward three years. You hire a top marketing manager to launch a massive marketing campaign to take advantage of the data you’ve been collecting for the past few years. They log into your account only to find a mess.

Your CRM is filled with unused tags, duplicate tags, and tags that are indecipherable. The people who created most of the tags have left the …

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