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Working in Data Science recruitment, we’re no strangers to the mountains you have to climb and pitfalls faced when getting into a Data Science career. Despite the mounting demand for Data Science professionals, it’s still an extremely difficult career path to break into.

The most common complaints we see from candidates who have faced rejection are lack of experience, education level requirements, lack of opportunities for Freshers, overly demanding and confusing job role requirements.


First of all, let’s tackle what seems to be what seems the hardest obstacle to overcome, lack of experience.

This is a complex one and not just applicable to Data Science, across professions it’s a common complaint that entry-level jobs ask for years’ worth of experience. Every company wants an experienced data scientist, but with the extremely fast emergence of the field and growing demand for professionals, there is not enough to go around!

Our advice here for anyone trying to get into Data Science who is lacking experience is to try and get an internship by contacting companies directly. Sometimes, you will find these types of positions available with recruiters but you will no doubt have more luck going direct.

Another approach is to have a go at Kaggle competitions, …

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