Artificial Intelligence Trends You Need to Know Before it’s Too Late!

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Technology has already blown all of our minds. In this era of trends, falling behind is a nightmare for any tech-savvy millennial, or for anyone, really. An average person opens their eyes to the sound of a digital alarm, and the very first they look at is their phone. On the other end of the day, no matter how busy or slow it’s been, the last thing we see before going to be is a phone screen. The constant updates and changes have kept us glued to technology. While some are flat-out addicted to tech, the rest of us are always in awe of the latest inventions and think about how much the world has transformed in such a short span.

According to research, an average charter internet user spends more time on their smartphones than sleeping. They spend eight hours and 41 minutes on their media devices, while the average sleep cycle is eight hours, 21 minutes. Another report claims that a typical cell phone user touches their smartphone about 2,617 times a day. Extreme cell phone users–the top 10%–touch their phones approximately 5,400 times daily.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is working every day to beat human intelligence. The ultimate mission is …

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