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One of the most cherished dreams — and fears — of today is penetration of Artificial Intelligence in all aspects of our life. Books and movies about wars with robots, artificial masterminds and the forever changed Earth emerge every year to stir our imagination. The reality is far less thrilling: in his famous article Andrew NG, one of the most influential figures in the AI field, admits that the most recent progress is through one type, in which some input data (A) is used to quickly generate some simple response (B). Let’s sketch what AI might do and what it can actually do in various industries:

Artificial Intelligence and Medicine

Artificial Intelligence and Education

Artificial Intelligence and Finance

Artificial Intelligence and Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence and Media & Entertainment

Artificial Intelligence and Everyday Life

It is true that our perception of Artificial Intelligence is formed under the influence of mass culture with all its dreams and fears. Of course, AI plays an increasingly important role in our life and we’ll see tremendous improvements in technology in the following years, but in its essence, AI is a tool. It helps us to enhance our abilities, just like normal computers, or calculators, or a pen and a paper that improve our memory. So, we …

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