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Artificial intelligence is here. It’s in our homes, our pockets and handbags, and it’s creeping into our workplaces. It’s been able to best humans at board games since the 90s, and it’s not half bad at quiz shows, either. As AI continues to grow, the limitations on what it can do are shrinking.

Recently, AI has grown capable of more creative pursuits, such as drawing pictures and composing music. It’s completing increasingly difficult tasks, and every advancement sees it encroaching further into the roles of human employees. Now, not even the programmers of this very AI are safe from automation anxiety. AI isn’t just getting better at recognising a photo of Susan from HR; it’s writing basic code, too.

But does this mean that AI is set to replace programmers completely?

Anxiety, not the truth

Artificial intelligence and automation have been causing anxiety in the workplace for a long time. The continued advancement of artificial intelligence and automation hasn’t done anything to quell these fears, either. Instead, advancements in the field have caused more and more workers to fall foul of automation anxiety – the fear that we humans will soon be replaced with robots.

The fear is understandable enough. After all, AI has steadily …

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