Artificial Intelligence And It’s Role In Mobile App Development And Businesses

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The birth of artificial intelligence has brought a whole new era of great mobile app potentials. For several years now, mobile app developers have adopted artificial intelligence in their Innovations. For instance, Apple’s Siri has been used for quit a long time now and still has the potentials of transforming in the nearest future. Machine learning is fast developing, and users now require a flexible algorithm for an enhanced experience. The advancement and availability of machine learning and AI are causing major advancements in the manner in which users, businesses and developers appreciate the interactions within mobile applications.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

This is a branch of science that focuses on developing and designing intelligent machines that react, work and like humans. Artificial intelligence solution is a way of impacting intelligence to machines so they can solve problems on their own more accurately, efficiently and quickly.

Big companies like Uber, Amazon eBay and others have successfully adopted AI into their business model. AI can boost a company’s competence because it offers personalised, relevant and seamless customer services and experiences. Data collected by AI in mobile apps helps in understanding customer behaviour. This enhances the amount of customer retention because it builds customer interaction. …

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