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As marketers seek to improve and expand their customer communication, traditional SMS messaging is quickly giving way to the more dynamic, feature-rich Application to Person (A2P) platform. While these messages are delivered in much the same way, they are significantly more interactive, personal and customizable than a standard text message alone. As the industry expands, it’s become integrated with other technologies as well, chief among them Artificial Intelligence, or AI.

A Brief Look at the History of A2P

Before its use became more widespread, A2P was a platform primarily reserved as a billing mechanism for recurring payments, or to facilitate one-off services, such as voting. While companies used the services for marketing initiatives to some extent, it was primarily reserved for alerts or to deliver simple content.

Yet, as our economy continues to lean toward becoming more app-based than ever before, it comes as no surprise that mobile messaging is following this trend. Now, customers don’t only expect to receive mobile alerts from the companies and brands they follow and patronize. In addition, they also desire that those messages be as comprehensive, relevant and content-rich as possible. Thus, A2P has proliferated the mobile app industry and helped drive the change SMS to …

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