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Artificial Intelligence which is defined as intelligence exhibited by machines has become a buzz word now a day. You have probably noticed the many changes the technology of AI had made in your day to day life. AI has affected every industry, business, consumer, city and household in a meaningful way. Let’s talk about few of the future technological advancement where AI will aid us.

The Automobile Industry

AI is having a major impact on the automobile industry. New vehicles in 2015 were only based on AI by eight percent. You have probably seen numerous movies about driverless cars. This is AI technology and has become a reality. There is no doubt that the future cars would be driven by AI.

Machine Learning

There is a difference between machine learning and AI. AI intelligently completes tasks. Machine learning enables machines to learn by being given specific data. Machine learning is considered a subset of AI. AI, big data and machine learning are being combined in the creation of autonomous systems with the primary aim to allow computers learn automatically without human intervention.

Deep Learning

Machine learning is implemented through deep learning. This enables AI to operate without setbacks because learning is broken down into manageable pieces. The deep …

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