Are You Ready to Have a Robot as Your Boss?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and robots have slowly but steadily made their way into a variety of industries spanning fast food to the financial sectors. This expansion is projected to continue and is forecasted to replace a considerable amount of jobs. A Forrester report notes that AI can replace as many as six percent of jobs by 2021. A PwC reports notes that many jobs across the globe will be affected by the 2030s, including 38 percent of U.S. jobs; 35 percent of jobs in Germany; 30 percent of U.K. jobs, and 21 percent of occupations in Japan.

There is no doubt that AI and robots can replace frontline workers who complete routine tasks. But what does this mean for managers, supervisors and even executives? Are today’s workers ready to have robots be their future bosses? Here are some factors to explore.

The Robots Are Coming

There are several reports about the positive and adverse implications of Artificial Intelligence. AI and robots are expected to increase production and efficiency in the workplace and increase salaries. They are even expected to increase jobs in sectors that are difficult to automate, such as health care, social work, and education. However, the influx of a robot workforce …

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