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Banking has gone from standing in long queues to one tap-everything over the last decade. The fact that most customers today, like daily errands to be performed fast, easy and error-free doesn’t require re-telling.If I had a write a monologue on my banking experience in the first half of this decade, it would include words like “terrible” and “not so great.” But new technology and the ways banks have adopted them has been changing my banking experience in recent years.

A recent study in the US claims banking and related tasks to be the most frequently performed daily activity of an adult aged between 25-65. Online banking, mobile banking, apps, etc.has made the life of a super-busy adult, super- easy. There are still many challenges, and you must be wondering what? Those challenges lead us to the NEXT BIG TRENDS in the world of BANKING. These trends will take your banking experience a notch higher and help you battle all the challenges in the future.

Here comes Artificial Intelligence

We live in the era of face recognition, robotic encounters, sci-fi movies, machine learning. It’s time to replace human interaction with human-like interactions. Artificial Intelligence removes all human errors and doubles the efficiency, speed …

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