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What is the value of your data? Information Technology (IT) professionals have made a living off of data management, storage and reports. Analytics platforms: making sense of data can be a key skill for successful executives today.

Comparing Analytics Platforms

Do you remember when the Chief Information Officer (CIO) position was started? You might have guessed that the concept started to gain momentum with the IBM computers of the 1980s. The history of Chief Information Officers shows how data has become more valuable and crucial to modern business success.

Originally, the title was not at the senior executive board level, but more at the level of the IT manager. In 1990s, there were only 10% of IT departments that used the CIO title, according to MIS Magazine. The primary skill of the CIO was number-crunching of electronic data.

When data analysis was no longer simply ordered by individual managers, but the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), then the CIO position gained more prominence. The CIO elevation is a sign of the importance of Analytics Platforms as part of the particular company’s business model.

GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out

With the emergence of data, mathematical terminology has become the norm. Data management is partially based on the application …

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