Amazon Moves Further Towards Robot Automation

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Robots are soon to become a large part of the world’s workforce. While things don’t currently look like a science-fiction television show, that time may come. Right now, the manufacturing and industrial sectors have integrated robotics into their daily operations. In Amazon’s warehouse, robots remain a common sight. Unfortunately, the current crop of robotic systems employed by Amazon isn’t living up to expectations.

The robots don’t seem to be as effective as desired. The company has “robo pickers” integrated into operations and they don’t seem to pick things up — or drop them off — too well. A lot of disappointment seems to have ensued.

This does not mean, however, Amazon plans on ceasing use of robots in its warehouse. Rather, plans are to work at improving the way the automated system works. Once warehouse robotics are perfected, the obtained benefits can be enormous.

The Unique Warehouse

A successfully automated warehouse could mean wonders for Amazon’s productivity. Through automating the product line, packages could be shipped in a far more expedient manner. Costs might be brought down significantly, which passes savings off to the consumer.

Amazon wants to turn its current warehouse into the warehouse of the future. Improving how its robots perform absolutely would assist …

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