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Several companies are found investing in older technologies which sooner or later inevitably fade into the background, while the ones who undergo technological transformations to differentiate themselves can become quickly become industry pioneers. With the emergence of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, a severe transformation is witnessed in the way humans interact with machines.

Regardless of any industry- travel, entertainment, telecom, oil and gas, AI and ML have proved their worth over a past few years. Speaking of which enhancing smartphone experience turns out to be no exception for these techs. It may quite interest you to know that both Android and iOS platforms have started integrating well with AL and ML in their apps. For example, chatbots, self-driving cars, virtual assistants, etc. There was a time when these innovations were considered as a part of sci-fi movies but not anymore.

With the widespread adoption of these smart technologies, massive changes can be expected in the upcoming years. For those who aren’t much familiar with the tech must know that machine learning is a subset of the Artificial Intelligence research. Time has come where computers, gadgets, and other devices don`t require special programming to complete tasks anymore. In fact, …

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