AI is the Next Wave of Innovation For Life Sciences and Pharma

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Innovation doesn’t always happen at a steady pace. Most often, technological revolutions happen all at once, with rapid change and disruption, often followed by a lull as people get used to the new normal. Noted futurist from the mid 19th century, Alvin Toffler, once expressed this concept as a series of ‘waves’. In his example, each wave of innovative technology washes over the previous one. This means that with each new technological development, the old is washed away and a new era ensues.

We believe that we are at the start of a new wave of technological innovation, one that will completely disrupt the way we view medicine, research, and our own health. This wave is being powered by advances in AI and machine learning that are making it possible for researchers to develop cures faster, doctors to deliver more effective care, and healthcare companies to reduce costs while increasing access to care.

Imagine a world in which better data analytics mean a cure takes months to develop instead of years. Or a future in which a doctor in a rural area has access to the same data resources that the biggest metropolitan hospitals use. By adapting machine learning technologies to the …

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