Advisory panel on healthcare innovation

Unleashing Innovation - MarsDDToday, MarsDD hosted a community event with members of the Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation: David Naylor, Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto; and Neil Fraser, President of Medtronic Canada.

Some of @drwhassan  Tweets from today’s session:

Patient engagement is the future of healthcare


You need an innovation switzerland organization that’s non partisan to


Inter jurisdictional collaboration is needed to

A federal Healthcare Innovation Fund is essential to breakdown structural barriers


Dr. Zayna Khayat – Lead MarsDD Health and Director of Excite  tweeted:

Canada – a nation of perpetual pilot projects in healthcare” report lamenting lack of scale up of proven health innovation

Procurement is merely expression of dissocciation of cost & value in healthcare reimbursement

Dr. Nailor and Neil Fraser presented the report:

As per HealthCanada Website: The report is the culmination of a year of consultation, discussion, reflection and deliberation on healthcare innovation in Canada. The Panel would like to thank the hundreds of Canadians who provided us with their views and guided us in our work. The report is dedicated to the memory of our fellow panellist Dr. Cy Frank, a friend and colleague who passed away in March.

Links to the report and executive summary are found below.