A Look at the Role of Big Data in SEO

The concept of big data can seem a bit elusive to most people. There are thousands of possible applications and just when you think you have a grasp on it, something changes. But from a business and marketing perspective, it’s important that you recognize how big data is related to SEO.

Google: The World’s Largest Data Corporation

It’s impossible to separate big data from SEO, if for no other reason than Google is the original and largest big data organization in the world. As SEO expert Jiyan Wei explains, “They have become the institution they are today by analyzing enormous sets of data, making automated inferences, and providing intelligence back to consumers. By studying Google’s methodology and applying their findings, search professionals have been intimately involved with big data for quite some time.”

When you consider that Google is the leader in the SEO industry, it becomes clear that big data and SEO will forever be intertwined. The future of search will be determined by big data, as will the manner in which businesses optimize their websites and digital content.

Data is what makes the massive (and growing) amount of content on the internet decipherable. It’s how users are able to filter out the …

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