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Some might feel that data science is intimidating. This is particularly the case when someone is just getting started. They might wonder what tool should they start learning such as R or maybe Python. They may feel unsure about what techniques they should put the majority of their focus on. Other factors they might consider include what statistics to learn and what type of coding. For that reason, we will take a look at some of those questions to help you answer them as you start this journey.

The guide that you’re looking at is here to help people get started with data or analytics science. Its purpose is to provide a simple and relatively short guide to help anyone get started down the path of learning data science. Here we’ll discuss the framework in an effort to help you to get started learning data science. You can enroll in the suggested courses given below and follow the tips.

1. Selecting The Right Role

There are numerous roles in data science to choose from. These include machine learning, data visualization, data engineer, and data scientist among other roles you might select. There might be some roles that are easier to get started in …

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