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There is a growing demand for data scientists in every organization. For the growth of any business, there is a need to evaluate the data you collect and data scientists need both the right skill set and the right tools to help you deliver results with your data. In this article, we will talk about open source data science tools you or they can use to do just that.

1. Python

Python is a popular high-level, general-purpose, dynamic programming language that is commonly referred to as the easiest language to read and to learn. It is emerging as the leading language for open data science because it combines rapid development with the ability to interface with high-performance algorithms written in C or Fortran.

For the first time in three years, Python has edged out R as the most popular data science software:

As a result, there is a rich suite of programming libraries that can be used as a foundation for data science.

Python’s syntax allows programmers to express concepts clearly and concisely. The fact that many web applications and most data science applications are now written in Python lowers the cost of entry.

2. R

The R programming language is the lingua franca of statistics.  It is …

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