8 Ways How Big Data Changes Marketing

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Today’s most successful companies and businesses depend on big data and analyse it to increase the quality of their customer experience. The information stored in the cloud, bookmarked URLs and new data streaming in every second from all over the world accumulate into what is referred to as big data.

Business intelligence relies entirely on the analysis and interpretation of big data. Although there is always a lot of data at a company’s disposal, it takes a special tool to analyze and manipulate it for the company’s advantage. Stiff competition in marketing has triggered companies in acquiring the best tools for big data analysis. This is a clear indication that big data analytics plays a great role in marketing.

The roles of big data in marketing include the following:

1. Providing Better Customer Insights

Analysis of big data reveals what consumers prefer at the moment. If the majority of people on a social platform are discussing a certain product, that is the perfect moment and place to pop up the product’s Ad. This increases the accuracy of your list of target customers.

2. Personalization

Big data analysis results show your consumer’s purchase patterns. As an outgoing marketer, you can take advantage and send them recommendations of …

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