8 Trends of the Internet of Things for 2018

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The Internet of things (IoT) is growing rapidly and 2018 will be a fascinating year for the IoT industry. IoT technology continues to evolve at an incredibly rapid pace. Consumers and businesses alike are anticipating the next big innovation. They are all set to embrace the ground-breaking impact of the Internet of Things on our lives like ATMs that report crimes around them, forks that tell you if you are eating fast, or IP address for each organ of your body for doctors to connect and check. [6] In 2018, IoT will see tremendous growth in all directions; the following 8 trends are the main developments we predict for next year:

Trend 1 —Lack of standardization will continue

Digitally connected devices are fast becoming an essential part of our everyday lives. Although the adoption of IoT will be large, it will most likely be slow. The primary reason for this is lack of standardization.

Though industry leaders are trying to develop specified standards and get rid of fragmentation, it will still exist. There will be no clear standards in the near future of IoT. Unless a well-respected organization like IEEE stepped-in and leads the way or the government imposes restrictions on doing business …

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