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Conversational AI is positioned to be the next frontier of an engaging consumer experience.We have experienced Google Now and Siri in our day to day lives for some time now and I must say these are very promising products. These will keep getting better and better in coming years and you can imagine a smartphone without any app at all but just an assistant to help you do all your tasks. Really exciting!

Indian enterprises too have been warming up to the use of conversational AI products with Chatbots being the popular flavor. Prominent use cases have been

Customer Service: You can serve your customer requests and provide access to the information at a fraction of cost and at larger scale compared to the human capital. We can find such use cases with Ecommerce, Financial Services companies already.
Transactional Purpose: You can perform transactions like Book a cab, order pizza recharge your mobile or buy a product. There are different B2C startups providing such platforms.

Decision to use chatbot as another consumer touchpoint needs to be evaluated very carefully rather than just Me too! approach. Thing with such products is either they work well and provide great consumer experience or they become part of troll …

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