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Who knew that Augmented Reality turned 50 in 2018? When Ivan Sutherland created a head-mounted display back in 1968 that used cutting-edge computer graphics of the time to show users simple wireframe drawings, few could’ve predicted that it would be the first building block to what would become an industry worth over $1 billion. 

But today technology has advanced to the point where AR can be utilised in a range of businesses. The gaming industry catapulted it into public awareness and captured the imaginations of kids (and big kids) worldwide. They ventured out into the brave new world to pursue 150 cute virtual monsters in Niantic’s wildly successful Pokemon Go, which was released as an app in 2016 and downloaded by over 750 million people within its first year. 

Having digital images and information generated and superimposed into reality has proved to be extremely appealing to users, while developers clamber to help the technology realise its benefits across a vast number of different industries. Here, we’ve identified seven areas where AI is soon to make its presence felt. 

1. Healthcare

Augmented Reality has the potential to revolutionise the way diagnoses are conducted and how industry professionals are trained. 

Patients conditions can be quickly found by …

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