7 Industries That Will Be Taken Over by AI and Robots (And How to Adapt)

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Robots are taking over. You can see it already happening at McDonald’s with its automated ordering kiosks, or your nearest supermarket with its self-checkout machine. Soon, it will be normal to see driverless cars and people walking their robot dogs outside. And this is only the beginning. With advancements in technology, many jobs typically performed by humans are being replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) and robots. Below are seven industries that are significantly impacted by automation:  

1. Transportation

Fully autonomous vehicles, or self-driving cars, will be hitting the road in the next few years. In fact, personal self-driving cars are expected to be on the market by 2018, with commercial applications not far behind. Self-driving cars will gain even more popularity as Uber plans to acquire 24,000 autonomous Volvo SUVs.

This means you can expect to see more people being dropped off at places without a driver in the near future. Although this may put many transportation workers out of business, Morgan Stanley predicts that driverless cars will save the U.S. $1.3 trillion a year by 2035 to 2050, for a global annual saving of $5.6 trillion. As well, self-driving cars will help improve transportation in many ways including, decreasing the risks of accidents, …

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