6 Predictions for the Future of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is no longer a futuristic technology. It is not an attention-grabbing fiction infused tool that a mobile game development company considers important. It is already there allowing us to reap advantages like more precise predictions, the more adaptive behaviour of machines, context-aware machine reactions to voice commands of human, etc. Machines are continuing to imitate human intelligence and unleashing automated as well as responsive behaviour to human situations that were unpredictable in the past.

In the pace Artificial Intelligence is paving the way for better comfort, ease of use and multifaceted advantages for everyday life, soon we can see AI make a lot of things happen that were previously unthinkable. The latest AI research projects underway and the predictions about the roles of AI in future to come upholds a future which is equally bright and shrouded with anticipation.

Here we are going to explain six predictions about future of AI that seem credible.  

1. Robots for disaster management

AI, which refers to the intelligence of machines, will make machines more responsive and aware of human contexts. If one facet of modern technology can be predicted to reap highest advantages of this new machine intelligence, it is nothing but the robotics. …

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