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Big data analytics have evolved to represent a new and path-breaking approach to practically all aspects of running a successful and profitable business. It makes complex financial data succinct, gleans actionable insights from tons of customer data, and helps marketing teams discover new and powerful channels for customer outreach.

Big data has brought about a seismic shift in how companies gather customer leads, reach out to potential customers, carry out marketing campaigns, design shopping experiences to delight buyers, and provide timely and intuitive customer support. Marketers have always depended on data to tailor their campaigns to have the maximum impact. But the data of earlier days stand no comparison with the data thrown up by the approximately 3.4 billion people who are online. Social media and mobile are the primary sources of the vast amount of data that is generated at almost every second and offers never-before insights into customer psyche.

E-commerce sets to gain the most with big data ensuring that users are offered products tailored to their needs, at the time and the places they prefer to see them.

Here are a few things you need to know about the use of big data in e-commerce to delight customers.

1. Big Data …

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