5 Ways of Big Data in the Business Marketing Process

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Big data is more than a buzzword today. It has great amounts of data that could well change all facets of life, from boosting healthcare outcomes to help manage traffic levels in metro areas and, certainly making marketing campaigns much more powerful. This is because marketers are using AI and machine learnings more and more to parse great amounts of data to draw conclusions. They could even use predictive analytics to determine what prospects and customers are likely to do in the future and adapt communication materials as a result of it. Steps in software development today involves the use of great amounts of data for more efficiency.

Use Cases of Big Data in Business Marketing

1. More targeted advertising

As publishers acquire more data about their visitors, it enables them to serve more and more relevant advertising. In a similar way that Facebook and Google already offer detailed targeting choices, third-party vendors would offer the same range of choice. Consider being able to target people based on the articles that they have read, or based on the lookalike audience of an ideal reader.

2. Content that’s more relevant

Publishers could serve up more relevant content to visitors through tapping to their wealth of data …

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