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A few decades ago, AI was the stuff of science fiction novels, movies, and television shows. A fantasy. A figment of an overactive imagination. Isaac Asimov. Star Trek. The Terminator.

But now?

AI is already here or has been for quite some time. It’s in your smartphone, intelligent home system, and smart car. Entire cities are embracing Artificial intelligence to handle road safety.

It’s everywhere, and the technology behind it is game-changing. One of the industries that took full advantage of using AI is the automotive industry. The automobiles we now drive are safer, more efficient and loaded with cutting edge tech.

Let’s take a look at how artificial intelligence is impacting the auto industry.

1. Auto Insurance

AI in auto insurance has been a significant boon for companies and drivers. By using AI in risk assessment, insurance companies won’t have to rely on past incidents to set premiums. Everything is in big data, and AI will crunch the numbers to predict how safe a driver will be.

Insurance companies factor in everything, from your health to recent relationship woes. If you continue to drive like a lunatic, AI will catch it, and you won’t get insured! All this collected data means that you can check every …

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