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The scope for software testing has never been extensive and wide-ranging. Nowadays, apps interact with other apps via APIs and leverage legacy systems. They grow in difficulty from one day to the next in a nonlinear manner.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting you 5 ways in which AI will transform software testing 2019.

1. Tools Will Be Required to Die or Evolve

Both software testing and development will continue to progress in step with the adoption of DevOps and Agile methodologies. These will continue to evolve in the era of AI also.

Machine learning and AI are focused on software training to comprehend output versus input data today. This is quite analogous to the testing activities performed manually. We find an expected output by typing input into the field.

The machine performs all the testing with artificial intelligence. It comes with different variations of tests. It automatically performs much more tests than a human could ever supervise. It also monitors modifications to UI and code that formerly had to be done by QA professionals.

Testing tools have evolved even without AI. Nowadays, tools assist testers to develop, organize and rank test cases. Efficiently managing tests and their results and remediating defects remain important to …

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