5 Ways AI Is Changing Shipping and Logistics

In recent years, AI has been becoming increasingly involved with shipping and logistics. What’s more, the reverse supply chain has also recognized the need to optimize their processes. The reverse supply chain has a focus on returns, refurbishing, remanufacturing, surplus and leases, and businesses need to find a way to make these processes more efficient.

With that in mind, here are five of the ways that AI is affecting the world of shipping and logistics, from the supply chain to the reverse supply chain.

1. More Accurate Shipment Tracking

Companies are able to accurately predict how long shipping will take through the use of AI. It’s able to spot trends and risks in shipping lanes and ports, and using this data, it determines variations in shipping time. Through machine learning, the technology can also help analyze historical shipping patterns by taking into consideration the weather patterns and busy or slow shipping seasons.

Automating the processes could also help to predict problems before they happen. The company can then make adjustments to get their products to the customer on schedule. Furthermore, AI can assist with optimizing the shipping route by analyzing data, addressing potential problems before they happen.

Through the use of AI, customers can now …

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