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While the world goes smart at an astonishing pace, turning phones into personal health monitors and TVs into voice-controlled streaming devices; educational institutions cannot afford to remain archaic stone buildings with rigid curriculums and one-dimensional grading systems. Artificial intelligence and big data are helping schools, colleges and universities become more sophisticated and better capable of helping more students attain a better quality of education. One that will better enable them to attain their highest potential and become valuable members of society.

From delivering highly engaging lectures that are better understood by students, to performing more intuitive aptitude assessments to propel students into the right courses for higher education, AI and big data are helping change the very course of formal education and bringing it closer to the goal it was originally intended for – to inform young minds and enable them to make the best use of that information.

So let’s take a look at all the ways AI and big data solve the biggest problems students and institutions face.

1. Improved Effectiveness of Learning through Personalized Program

One of the major players in a conventional classroom setting is student diversity. Some students are naturally good at grasping mathematical concepts while others struggle with …

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