5 Security Tips for Protecting Your Company Blog

A blog is one of the most precious digital assets a company has in 2017. It provides SEO value, engages customers, and pushes site visitors through the conversion funnel. But a blog can also be a magnet for malicious behavior and external threats, which is why businesses really need to hunker down on blog security in the coming months.

Here’s How You Can Protect Your Blog

Protecting your blog is a lot like protecting your home. There are many different entry points through which hackers can enter your blog and you’ll have to account for all of them in order to fully protect your investment.

Here are some of the most important things you can do to get started.

1. Choose the Right CMS Platform

Blogging security all starts with the CMS platform you’re using to run your blog. If you’re using a platform with a questionable history of website security, then don’t be surprised when you discover that your blog isn’t as safe as you’d like.

By far, the most secure platform is WordPress. When you set up your blog with WordPress, you can rest assured knowing that you’re relying on a platform that millions of people use. As a result, security updates are continually …

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