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In today’s digital world, every business owner is on the lookout for new technologies to uplift their business cost-effectively. It helps them reach new heights and make life a little easier for people across the world. On similar lines, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the new technology wave making a big bang.

By now, most of us pretty much know about the revolutionary technology of IoT. From health gears, smartphones, wearables to automated homes, smart refrigerators and Televisions, IoT has made its application everywhere! The IoT technology connects devices in its ecosystem while also communicating with them. It helps the machines to understand and find out when they need to upgrade or when to check their errors.

Java, the backbone for many technologies backs this exciting concept of IoT. There are other languages like C, C++, Python and more that support IoT but, Java offers an unparalleled edge to developers. Another primary reason that makes IoT programmers gravitate towards Java is its flexibility and versatility. 

Let’s have a look at other reasons that make Java the most preferred programming language for the Internet of Things:

1. Platform Independent

Java enables you to write code ones and run it multiple times on various platforms. It …

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