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There’s no question that Augmented Reality (AR) technology – in the form of glasses, headsets, and connected software – has made rapid advances in recent years. In fact, AR is predicted by some to be the next trillion dollar industry due to the way it could potentially change the way we live, work, and play.

And if the past few years is any indication, the way AR headsets and glasses function is going to change drastically, as the industry strives to integrate innovative technology, additional functionality, and enhanced ergonomic design into its products.

From integration with Artificial Intelligence to virtual advertising, here are Lucyd’s five predictions on what the future of AR will likely hold.

1. Access to AI

In June of 2017, Apple released its ARKit, a toolkit for prospective developers to create AR related applications that would integrate with Apple devices and apps like Siri. And during a recent AR hackathon, a smart-home integrated HoloLens with gesture control was developed. It all points to one of the key future trends of AR, which is integration with Artificial Intelligence (AI) software, technology, and platforms. Whether it’s displaying information about the temperature of another room in your house or providing additional information about the …

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