5 Must-Have Features of A Defect Management Tool

There are different stages in a software development process and developers pay utmost attention to each to ensure delivery of quality applications. This is why defect/bug tracking is essential to identify underlying problems in software. Whether it is a minor or major defect, testers need to record, manage, and solve each error to improve the effectiveness of the application. There are different views as to why using a defect management tool is necessary or not. Some experts are of the view that it is not favorable to manage any record as the main purpose is to simply fix the issue as soon as it is identified. However, managers today are looking at the other side of the picture as well and strongly advocating that defect removal process is altogether beneficial to software development.

An organization has to be very careful when picking a bug tracking tool. Let’s have a look at the following six essential features that should be present in a defect management tool:

1. Remote Access

It is preferable choosing a tool that allows remote access, which means you can access the system at any time, using any device and from any location of the world. It is only possible when …

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