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Artificial Intelligence development has become a very hot topic of conversation for the technology world. Towards Data Science has estimated that the share of jobs that require AI to be performed has gone up by 450% since 2013, a staggering rise and a fact that should make us sit up and take notice of the field of AI programming. Ever since the earliest days of John von Neumann and his vision of the future of artificial intelligence, we have sought to find a way to bring human-like thinking to the digital realm. To achieve that goal, we have taken quite large strides in the development of high-level languages. But like any tool, a high-level coding language does certain things better than others (as any person who has ever had to use COBOL to calculate the average of ten numbers can tell you). That’s why coding an AI requires a specific set of tools, which some languages are better equipped for than others. These languages are among the five most popular ones for the creation of artificial intelligence systems, in no particular order.

1. Python

While in its infancy, Python was more of an interesting development case than a serious language. As time …

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