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Long gone are the days when businesses followed the blinded-experiment, where tests were masked and in some cases impractical. It’s time to go beyond the old school approach and stop assuming data as output and start considering it as an input. Data is an asset to organise and eventually action the business process from strategy to planning and further product design.

“Data doesn’t give insights; it gives you data that gives you clues into possible insights.” – Rob Campbell

In the data-driven world, data means knowledge, and knowledge equals power, which in turn results in revenue. In the long run, data-driven marketer ought to have the ability to recognise what flows through the sales funnel producing the most income.

Many companies these days operate on driving real-time strategies to influence consumer connections. There are a variety of tools available for marketers to understand the best working paths. Today, data has attained its dynamic form; its emergence has influenced new methods, strategies, and concepts that focus on gathering different data for a useful data-driven approach. The clean, verified and updated data is the future of B2B marketing Industry.

As a data-driven marketer here are 5 of the essential approaches that you should opt for:

1. Of course, …

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