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The blockchain ecosystem is rapidly expanding. New blockchains or different consensus mechanisms are announced continuously, resulting in a more mature ecosystem. For blockchain technology to achieve wide-scale adoption, a decentralised ecosystem has to be developed. To achieve a decentralised society, many more components need to be built, requiring global standards and large investments. I estimate that it will take another 3–5 years before the ecosystem is ready for full-scale, enterprise adoption. Apart from the different industry layers that need to be developed, we will also continue to see new distributed ledger technologies and more exciting decentralised applications. The blockchain ecosystem consists of multiple layers, which you see in below infographic. With the blockchain ecosystem evolving, new applications and technologies come into play as well. Therefore, here are five blockchain trends that you should consider in the coming year:

Trend 1: The convergence of blockchain and other emerging information technologies

Blockchain is not a standalone technology. Especially the convergence of blockchain and technologies such as big data analytics, IoT or AI will be disruptive. This convergence will greatly affect how organisations should approach data and how they can derive insights from it. It will require new solutions and approaches from organisations, regulators, …

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