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In only a few years our lives have been completely changed thanks to new technological advances and innovations, and never before has data played such an important role in our society.

With a smartphone in our pocket, a computer at home, a laptop at work, an electric or hybrid car, online banking solutions, email accounts, social media, and clouding storage for all of our important documents, we are relying on data companies to support our everyday lives.

In 2017 big data adoption has already reached 53% among companies according to the market study, and it is expected to grow during the next years. The companies that are in charge of handling all of the data we need have literally helped reshape the world we live in, and they are some of the most influential forces in our society.

Naturally, the influence of these big data companies has also created excellent investment opportunities and will continue to do so. To get a better idea of which companies are predicted to perform the best in 2019, I did intensive research around the web, and now I am ready to give my thoughts on the matter. Below you’ll find a list of what I believe …

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