5 Benefits and Applications of Internet of Things Technology

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Interconnected devices that serve the purpose of enhancing our everyday life are nothing new on the market. For years we have been using smartphones, electrical home devices and World Wide Web as a means to make our life easier and more streamlined.

One factor that connects all of these terms together is Internet of Things, a piece of technology that aims to automate and further simplify the way we live by taking over most of our everyday processes. But what are the positives of including such advanced technology as IoT in everything we do and how can we benefit from using it?

1. Autonomous vehicles

There’s no denying that self-driven cars are not a fantasy anymore. Google has admittedly reined the autonomous vehicle market for several years, offering a very real and possible use of IoT to streamline our commuting process.

You can now buy a car that drives itself to and from work, suggests shortcuts, notifies you of weather changes, possible malfunctions and even detects the type of music you’d like to hear during your drive. These cars are few and far in between, costing upwards of $1 billion, but they are real and powered by IoT which connects them to their central …

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