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Back in the day — artificial intelligence was nothing more but a fancy toy. It was mocked for its clumsiness and inability to perform even the most basic of actions. But things have changed drastically since then. Today artificial intelligence slowly but surely overtaking the majority of basic operations in various industries with a grace of ravishing rickshaw.

It is easy to see why — over the years AI had evolved into a sophisticated and elaborate tool that is at times almost indistinguishable from the human being. It helps to handle whole lotta time-consuming and otherworldly mundane, repetitive stuff that workers are often forced to do instead of something more valuable.

How AI helps business?

Despite common this woeful misconception, artificial intelligence isn’t going to take anyone’s job anytime soon. At least in an overarching managing manner. It is not how AI works.

Essentially, artificial intelligence is merely a set of automated algorithms designed to perform certain operations with an option of learning to improve performance.

According to the AI expert Don Tran from TheAPPSolutions, the only thing artificial intelligence can do is to make everyone’s life easier and less stressful by taking over certain aspects of the business operation that require significant data processing. …

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